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what shapes our teaching methods

A child-centred and holistic approach with the goal of encouraging children to develop an inner sense of musical understanding and a greater understanding of themselves, relationships and the world around them.



Juanita started her music journey when she was 7 years old in her hometown, Bogotá, Colombia when her parents enrolled her in Charito Acuña's renown music school. This is where Juanita fell in love with playing drums, guitar, as well as singing Disney classics and hit pop songs. Following her childhood dream, in 2016, she began a Specialized Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Voice Performance and a minor in Psychology at York University in Toronto, Canada.

During her studies, Juanita specialized in world music voice performance under the supervision of Dr. Irene Markoff. Today, apart from finishing her studies, she has been furthering her research in the area of music therapy and holistic health. After experiencing some hardships with her physical health and losing her voice due to stress in 2019, her focus these past two years has been on developing a healthy, holistic approach to singing. She have also been teaching music privately and volunteered in the music therapy clinical practice at Holland Bloorview Rehabilitation Hospital.


Juanita truly believes music can have a profound impact in everyone's lives if we allow ourselves to engage with its healing presence. From being a companion during our best and most difficult moments; to helping us develop practice and patience. 

our mission

As educators, we understand the crucial role that creativity plays in the development and well-being of children, adolescents and, even us, adults. This is why, our lessons are created to help our students learn how to play/sing properly by fostering self-awareness, self-expression and self-compassion. These are all gifts that music lessons, when done correctly and wholeheartedly, can do for students. 

individualized lesson plans

The fostering of creativity and individuality are our most important values as a business. Our lessons are individualized and adapted to meet the student’s needs and skills.


We understand learning does not stop at the classroom, which is why we encourage parents and students to join our Facebook and Instagram communities where we provide students with a platform to share and connect with other students. In these platforms we also post videos, resources, practice videos, etc. 



Vocals, Piano (introductory), Ukulele and Musical Awakening Instructor

Juanita Velez is a performer, vocal, piano and ukulele instructor residing in Montréal, Québec. She started her musical training at the age of seven. She immigrated to Montréal, Québec with her family at the age of fourteen in the year 2007. In 2016, during her Bachelor of Fine Arts at York University, she specialized in world music Voice Performance and completed a minor in Psychology. She has performed in various world music ensembles, including York University's Balkan Ensemble and York University's Cuban Ensemble. Since 2018, Juanita has been teaching private vocal, piano and ukulele lessons and furthering her knowledge in the area of music therapy and holistic health. Juanita is comfortable teaching repertoire from genres such as: popular music, jazz, R&B, world music and musical theatre. Juanita offers her lessons in English, French and Spanish. She is known for her gentle approach to teaching. She has a special gift for connecting with her students and helping them find their own unique voice.



Violin, Kamancheh, Music Composition and Production Instructor

Amirali Kamali is a composer, arranger, performer, Violin and Kamancheh instructor residing in Toronto, Canada. Amirali's Persian classical training started in Iran under the tutelage of Master Alireza Cheraghchi at the age of eight. His interest in Indian classical led him to travel to India where he collaborated with many world-class artists in fusion genre and participated in various recordings as violinist and Kamancheh player in many albums. He studied Electrical engineering in Pune, India but since he came to Canada in 2009, he dedicated most of his time composing, arranging and performing many original pieces in the world music genre. Ever since, he pursued his musical journey and was engaged with world music ensembles and orchestras across the country. Since 2016, He started to be part of Jaana Ensemble as a music producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist. He completed his Bachelor of Arts in composition/performance at York University. Currently he is pursuing his Master’s Degree in Western Musical Composition at York University. Amirali is an extremely well-rounded musician and educator. Amirali offers his lessons in English and Farsi.


Guitar Instructor (specializes in flamenco, rock and metal)

Mahdyar Nasiri is a composer, performer, and multi-instrumentalist residing in Toronto, Canada. Mahdyar has been playing guitar for thirteen years and is proficient in a variety of genres, including: flamenco, blues, hard rock and metal. After moving to Toronto, Canada with his family in the year 2014, Mahdyar decided to pursue a Specialized Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts at York University where he specialized in flamenco guitar performance. Since then, Mahdyar has been performing, composing and arranging repertoire for his folk-metal band, Rashkan, performing with York University's Balkan ensemble and showcasing his flamenco solo repertoire during York's World Music Week. Mahdyar is known for his flexible, gentle approach to teaching. He is a dynamic educator and performer ready to find the best possible ways for his students to learn, grow and improve in their musical journeys. Mahdyar teaches introductory to advanced guitar. He offers his lessons in English and Farsi.



Low Brass Instructor

Kyle is a low brass/ Harpist based in Toronto, Ontario. Enrolled at York University as a Euphonium/Baritone, Kyle was taught by brass teacher David Lum and Professors James MacDonald and Bill Thomas. Kyle currently plays for the 7th Toronto artillery regiment as a brass doubler. While in university Kyle found a newfound love, Harp, and enrolled in lessons under Sharlene Wallace where he received a scholarship/bursary. Kyle now plays the harp with the Columbus Concert band, private Irish/Canadian Celtic concerts, and for features within the military. Kyle performs Low brass annually for the Toronto Maple Leafs, as part of the 48th Highlanders combined pipes and wind band. He also plays as a Euphonium soloist for the military and as a soundscape artist for many Toronto rap and hip hop artists such as Lost Astral and Kayy Daddy. Kyle studied bass trombone in Toronto within the military circuit and has made a name for himself as a true slide doubler. Kyle has many years of playing experience but also many as a teacher volunteering for his high school and at local community bands. As an instrumental music teacher, Kyle specializes in brass as an art form and as a tool for personal creativity and success. He offers his lessons in English.


Guitar, Piano, Songwriting, Composing and Producing Instructor

Agustin Nicolas is a self-taught promising musician, composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist, performer and educator. He started his musical journey back in his hometown Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2006, he immigrated to Montreal, Canada where his passion for songwriting led him to teach himself how to play different instruments (guitar, piano, bass, percussion, singing). After having played in many different bands, Agustin decided to study modern harmony, music production and the art of singing. He is currently composing, producing and arranging for his new project Gamas which is available on most streaming platforms. Agustin adapts his lessons to the student's diverse needs and learning styles. He teaches pop, folk, bossa nova, jazz and blues and provides exercises to develop the student's technique. Agustin's love and passion for music is reflected in his teaching method which prioritizes both technicality and self-expression. He offers his lessons in English, French and Spanish.

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Piano (Classical), Musical Initiation For Children/Orff Instructor

Saba is a pianist, Alto recorder player, piano and Orff (children’s music) instructor residing in Toronto, Canada. Saba’s musical journey started with the Orff method in 2007 when she was eight in Pars Music School, Tehran, Iran under supervision of Naser Nazar, and Mehrdad Teymouri. She started professional piano playing at the age of ten. She performed in several concerts in Pars Music school, at the age of eighteen after getting the certificate of Orff-Schulwerk method in teaching little children music, she started instructing little kids there for 9 months besides her own childhood instructors. In 2018 she moved to Canada and started her bachelor’s in psychology at York university. Ever since, she pursued her passion in music and received her RCM grade seven certificate for piano. In the meantime, she also started learning flute. Since September 2020, she joined Balkan Music Ensemble in York University. Currently she is part of the Balkan Ensemble and is a candidate for RCM grade eight in piano. Saba offers her lessons in both English and Farsi. Saba's love for music reflects in her compassionate and dynamic style of teaching.


Piano and Jazz Methods Instructor

Zachary Continenza is a professional pianist and piano instructor based in Toronto, Ontario. Zach is a graduate of York University's Bachelor of Fine Arts where he specialized in jazz piano performance. Zach started playing the piano when he was five years old. He was classically trained until the age of sixteen when he completed his RCM level seven. During his BFA, Zach studied under various professional musicians, including Mark Eisenman and Richard Whiteman. Zach was earned the Best Jazz Pianist Award of his year in 2018. Zach has a deep passion for music and enjoys sharing it with people around him. He has two years of experience teaching piano. He has also volunteered and worked at summer camps where one of his duties was to arrange and perform musical theatre pieces. Zach enjoys teaching kids of all age groups. His biggest joy as a music teacher is connecting with his students through music. Zach teaches his lessons in English.



Saxophone and Piano Instructor

Enza is a classical saxophonist based in Toronto, Ontario. She has a Specialized Honours BFA degree in Music from York University with a focus on classical studies. She has been playing music since she was eight years old and has sixteen years of experience playing piano and ten years of experience playing saxophone. She has been part of the York University Wind Symphony for four years and a member of the Columbus Concert Band. She is an aspiring music educator, currently completing her Bachelor of Education degree at York University. She has experience teaching children from all ages (K-12). Her goal as an educator is to foster creativity and provide her students with a welcoming and learning environment that allows them to express their creative potential. She enjoys listening to different genres of music including R&B, jazz, pop, and house music. She has also recently developed a love for musical theatre. Enza teaches her lessons in English.


Guitar Instructor (specializes in Western popular music, rock and metal)

Henry is an up-and-coming musician, guitarist, producer, songwriter and guitar instructor who grew up in the Greater Toronto area. He primarily specializes in the styles of rock and metal. Henry's musical journey started in grade six when he discovered a passion for playing the guitar. He attended York University’s music program and completed his first year with a focus on jazz guitar after which he decided to pursue his musical interests outside of university. During this time, Henry has been focusing on writing and producing music for his bands Failsafe and Crawford Rose. He has been solidifying his training with Dan Sugarman, a legendary progressive metal guitarist from the American band Ice Nine Kills. Henry is known for his fun, patient and gentle approach to teaching. He is eager to share his love and passion for music with his students. Henry teaches his lessons in English.



Drums Instructor

Originally from Québec, Michael Filion is one of our passionate drum instructors. His musical journey began at the age of eight when he began classical guitar lessons. Michael has studied jazz drumming as the main percussionist for his school’s Symphony Orchestra and has attended Cegep de Saint-Laurent for studies in Music Theory and Performance. To further his career in music, Michael moved to Toronto in 2017, where he would later attend York University.Recently, Michael has been taking lessons with Anthony Michelli, where he improves his technical and practical repertoire for university-related groups such as the Jazz Workshop and the Rhythm & Blues Ensemble. Since the fall of 2019, Michael has also worked alongside the York University Gospel Choir, in a five- piece rhythm section. He has also worked alongside motivational percussionist and author, Jeff Salem, as well as several local rock/alternative bands.Michael loves to instruct and motivate young musicians with a fun and personalized approach. He continues to expand his musical capabilities by performing for corporate events, facilitating drum circles, and taking part in the polish orchestra known as the Celebrity Symphony Orchestra.

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Students will have the opportunity to develop their voice and learn how to sing their favourite songs in a healthy and sustainable way. We focus on singing basics such as proper signing technique, the mechanics of breath, tone development,  posture, ear training, register and range development.

For The Low Price of:

$24 /Lesson


Juanita is very talented, professional and creative music teacher. My kids are enjoying their piano and singing classes and impatiently waiting for it every week. She finds different approaches and tricks to keep the children focused on tasks and motivated which helps them  to advance with their program and show incredible results. I absolutely recommend her to anyone who is thinking to sign up for music classes.

If you want to learn music Juanita is a very passionate music teacher. She helps her students to expand upon their music and singing skills. She is always positive and cheers you on. In addition, she finds creative ways to teach new lessons. Most importantly, Juanita is kind, patient and always has a smile on her face. I ensure you, Juanita is a wonderful music teacher.

I’ve been taking online signing lessons with Juanita from The Canadian Online Academy of Music. I can’t recommend them enough. The perfect balance between theory and practice, I’ve never sounded better. Only after 1 month I was able to be comfortable within my range and sing my favourite songs. Plus she is soo easy going and flexible. I highly recommend the Academy and especially Juanita to anyone who wants to take their singing to the next level!


Anna R.


Steeve R.

I've been taking lessons for a few months with Agustin and I like his approach to music. He adapts his teaching well to my level and explains the theory very well. Good atmosphere with him and he is punctual. I recommend him.


I have been playing guitar for several years now, but I was looking to develop ease and technicality. For that Agustin is of great help to me. He knows how to choose suitable and varied pieces that allow you to progress according to your needs and your desires, while teaching with precision and patience.


Agustin teaches my two young kids and they always look forward to their lessons. Agustin always makes an effort to ensure the kids continue to be engaged and motivated by catering to their musical interests. Not once have I had to push them to continue taking music lessons or to practice. They love learning with Agustin.




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